High Desert Bliss

High desert bliss
My program to recharge after several weeks on the road

05h43   get up to watch the sunrise
06h57   first cup of coffee
07h21   second cup of coffee and breakfast while observing the wildlife wake up
… continue with observations until lunchtime
12h18   time for lunch (observing wildlife makes you hungry)
13h22   do as the wildlife does and take a nap inside to escape the desert heat (lizards retread under their rocks for this) 
15h08   assess photographs taken so far
16h59   check what’s going on outside

18h38   watch the sunset and the moonrise
19h09   time for dinner (it is cooling down just enough for a BBQ)
20h19   sit by the fire and watch the night sky

Sleep and repeat

Well, I guess I just am a desert kind of girl





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