Like no place else

It’s a perfect deal when you can combine work and play in Palm Springs paradise.


But something became clear (again) on my journey these last weeks:

Inspiration and creativity, like the ocean, comes and goes in waves.
And when the tide is going out, the head is full, the mind goes fuzzy and the eyes are dry …
… it’s time to rest.

Mid century modern architecture and desert landscape is the best combination to do so before returning home to brave jet-lag and get all fired up again.



…oh and I wouldn’t mind another Martini, please!





2 thoughts on “Like no place else

  1. Oh, going back home? Too bad, really enjoyed your photos. Made Utah and the Grand Canyon gain at least 10 places on my bucket list.

    Just in case – if you don’t mind meandering roads, head up to Idyllwild to escape the heat for once and get to the Red Kettle for one of the best breakfasts on the west coast.


    1. I’m glad to inspire your bucket list!
      Yes, heading back home. But I will be back before too long 🙂 Have been to Idyllwild before but next time I will make sure to have enough time to stop and enjoy 🙂


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